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Our Governors

Broadgate School has a Governing Body which meets at regular intervals.   No members of the Governing Body hold governance roles in other schools.

Should you wish to contact the Chair of Governors, Mr Garvani, please ask Mrs Parker at Reception for his contact details.

The names of the Governors are as follows:

Name Date of Appointment Term of Office ends Category Relevant Business Interests
 Mrs Elaine McLellan - Headteacher  01/09/2010    Headteacher  None
 Mr John Garvani - Chair  08/10/2018  07/10/2022  Local Authority   Representative  None
 Mr Chris Strowbridge -   Vice Chair  08/10/2018  7/10/2022  Co-opted  None
 Ms Liz Thornton - Clerk  01/04/2016    Clerk  None
 Mrs Patricia Head  01/10/2014   01/10/2022   Co-opted  None
 Ms Debby Gibson  08/07/2019   07/07/2023  Co-opted  None 
 Mrs Barbara Amponsah  06/11/2017  05/11/2021  Parent Representative  None
 Mrs Carolyn Tyrrell  04/12/2017  03/12/2021  Staff Representative  None
 Mr Jonathan Cain  03/12/2018  03/12/2022  Co-opted   None
 Mrs Stacey Lalande  03/12/2018  02/12/2022  Parent Representative  None
 Mrs Sarah Qualtrough  01/09/2017  31/08/2021  Associate Member  None
 Ms Dannielle Foulkes  26/10/2019  25/10/2023  Parent Representative  None
 Ms Natalie Wood  07/10/2019  06/10/2023  Co-opted  None
 Ms Holly Cummins  26/10/2019  25/10/2023  Parent Representative  None
 Mrs Jo Hickling  07/12/2020  06/12/2024  Co-opted  None


Teaching and Learning Sub-Committee

Meets once per term. Five governor members with occasional attendance by staff members where appropriate.

Chair - Stacey Lalande, Vice-Chair - TBC

Resources Sub-Committee

Meets once per term or when necessary. Five governor members and also attended by the School Business Manager. Delegated responsibility to agree the school budget, also provide a panel for pay appeal hearings if necessary.

Chair - John Garvani,  Vice-Chair - Chris Strowbridge

Pupil Support Sub-Committee

Meets once per term or when necessary. Four governor members.

Chair - Sarah Qualtrough, Vice-Chair - Pat Head

Staffing Sub-Committee

Meets as and when necessary (usually for recruitment purposes and pay decisions). Five governor members.

Chair - John Garvani

Headteacher Performance Management Committee

Meets twice per year. Three governor members.

Chair - John Garvani, Vice-Chair - Christopher Strowbridge

Governors with Specific Responsibilities



Child Protection and Safeguarding

Health and Safety

Looked after Children

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Pupil Premium (PP)

Sports Funding

School Improvement Advisor (SIA) School Visits

Educational Visits

Out of School Club

Children's Centre



Relationships and Sex Education

John Garvani

Jonathan Cain

Pat Head

John Garvani

Pat Head

Barbara Amponsah

Chris Strowbridge

Stacey Lalande

John Garvani

Barbara Amponsah


Jonathan Cain

Holly Cummins

Chris Strowbridge/Holly Cummins

Dannie Foulkes

Attendance Record (2020-2021)

  FGB 09/03/2020 FGB 15/06/20 FGB 05/10/20 FGB 07/12/20 FGB 08/03/21
Elaine McLellan Y Y Y Y Y
Patricia Head Y Y A Y Y
Carolyn Tyrrell Y A Y Y Y
Helen Turner A A A X X
Sarah Qualtrough Y Y Y Y Y
Barbara Amponsah A Y Y Y Y
John Garvani Y Y Y Y Y
Chris Strowbridge Y Y Y Y Y
Stacey Lalande Y Y Y Y Y
Jonathan Cain A Y Y Y Y
Debby Gibson Y Y Y Y Y
Natalie Wood Y Y Y Y Y
Dannielle Foulkes Y A Y Y A
Holly Cummins Y Y Y A Y
Jo Hickling X X X X Y


Governors Linked to Cohorts

Nursery - Debby Gibson

Reception - Pat Head

Y1 - Barbara Amponsah

Y2 - Stacey Lalande

Y3 - John Garvani

Y4 - TBC

Y5 - Chris Strowbridge

Y6 - Natalie Wood

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