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E McLellan Headteacher Assessment, Appraisal
S Qualtrough Deputy Headteacher Maths, Raising Standards, Safeguarding Lead
C Tyrrell Assistant Headteacher/ Year 6 Class Teacher English, Educational Visits, E-Safeguarding
P Stevenson Year 5 Class Teacher English, Geography
M Hoyle Year 4 Class Teacher  P.E., History
J Tyrrell Year 4 Class Teacher Music
A Karvounidou Year 3 Class Teacher MFL: French
B Donnison Year 3 Class Teacher Science, Mindmate Champion
A Gour Year 3 Class Teacher  
L Dyer Year 2 Class Teacher P.S.H.E., Healthy Schools
N Dymoke-Marr Year 2 Class Teacher Art and Design
R Maman Year 1 Class Teacher Y3/4 Choir
E Piercy Year 1 Class Teacher Healthy Food Ambassador
S Thompson  Reception Class Teacher F. Stage Manager, EYFS Assesssment 
E Wiles Reception Class Teacher E.A.L.
F Holroyd Reception Class Teacher  
Moya Clay Nursery Teacher Computing
H Freeman Nursery Teacher R.E.
J Massheder Nursery Teacher  
K Devlin Teacher/SENDCo Special Educational Needs
K Sadler Learning Mentor  
L Robertson Behaviour Support Worker  
K Houston Family Mentor  
L Talbot Behaviour Support Worker  
K Feasby Higher Level Teaching Assistant  
H Wade Higher Level Teaching Assistant/OOSC  
J Smith Higher Level Teaching Assistant/ OOSC  
L Bennett Nursery Officer/ OOSC  
H O’Hara Nursery Nurse  
H Woosey Teaching Assistant  
L Burgin Teaching Assistant  
T Birks Teaching Assistant  
S Blanthorn Teaching Assistant  
J Bulgin Teaching Assistant  
T  Cottam Teaching Assistant  
J Davey Teaching Assistant/ OOSC    
A Sterling Teaching Assistant/ OOSC  
R Griffiths Teaching Assistant  
G Hodgkins Teaching Assistant/ OOSC  
A Howard Teaching Assistant  
A Robson Teaching Assistant  
M White Teaching Assistant  
R Weatherill Teaching Assistant  
A Fynn Teaching Assistant/OOSC  
E Elsworth SEND Teaching Assistant  
L Sheard School Business Manager  
D Parker School Reception Manager  
H Pye Administrative Assistant  
G Wade Site Manager  
S Cole Assistant Site Manager  
R Spurr Cook, assisted by 3 staff  
S Horsley Lunchtime Supervisor with 6 assistants  
J Davey/H Wade Out of School Club Managers  
C Birch Children's Centre Manager  
J Sharpe Children's Centre Senior Administrator  
J Airey Children's Centre Senior Family Outreach Worker    
P Cooke Children's Centre Family Outreach Worker  
L Butler Children's Centre Family Outreach Worker  
A Asher Children's Centre Assistant  
E Milner Children's Centre Creche Worker  
J Bullough OOSC  

Broadgate School is fully committed to whole-school staff development. All of our staff attend regular appropriate professional training courses which impact very positively on improving standards and the quality of teaching and learning.

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