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“Happy, successful and confident”

Our Aims

 We expect that during the time spent at this school, every child should:

  • acquire and develop the skills of learning.
  • develop a lively, imaginative and enquiring mind.
  • develop independence, self-motivation and self-discipline.
  • develop an ability to co-operate and work with others.
  • develop an ability to speak, question and argue in a rational manner.
  • develop a reasoned set of attitudes, values and beliefs.
  • develop a sense of belonging to local, national and global communities.
  • develop a sense of self-worth, understanding and respect for others.

Our Mission Statement

Happy, successful and confident learners…

Our school provides the foundations for life and lifelong learning by offering positive, rich experiences for all its pupils. It is characterised by high standards in all subjects, providing a creative, broad and balanced curriculum. Children are engaged in learning that develops and stimulates them and excites their imagination. They learn in many different ways: through play and investigation, by listening, speaking and observation, through participation and by being encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning. This is carried out in a happy, safe and supportive atmosphere.

At Broadgate children are engaged in learning that develops and stretches them and stimulates their imagination both in school and out of school. There is a strong commitment to helping all children to succeed through innovation and pushing boundaries, which are underpinned by positive relationships with parents and the community established from the earliest opportunities.

Our school is committed to developing spiritual, moral, social and cultural learning, health and well-being.  We see ourselves as members of many communities from local to global.  High standards of behaviour and courtesy are actively expected and promoted.

We aim to identify barriers to learning and offer every child, whatever their own individual characteristics, the chance to achieve their full intellectual, physical and emotional potential, regardless of ability, race, culture, gender or social background, laying the foundations for future learning and success in life.

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