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Welcome to Year 6

This half term, Year 6 will be learning about...

...The Romans

In our History topic we have just started to learn all about the various Roman invasions and subsequent settlement of Britain.   To begin with, the children have been thinking about the sorts of questions historians and archaeologists ask to find out about the past and in the coming weeks they will learn the answers to all their questions through independent research, looking at Roman artefacts and studying primary and secondary evidence.

...Evolution and Inheritance

In our Science Topic we will be learning about the way in which living things have evolved by looking at adaptation over long periods of time.  The children will learn about the traits that humans inherit from their parents, as well as finding out what fossils can tell us about evolution.  We will be reading about Charles Darwin, his theories about evolution and what he discovered by studying finches on the Galapagos Islands.  The children will be carrying out an investigation based on what he found out there.

Year 6 Staff

Mrs Tyrrell   

Mrs Qualtrough

Mrs Wade

Mr Lynch

Year 6 Class Information


Our P.E. day is Monday.  Children should come to school in their outdoor bottoms and normal school shirt and sweatshirt. They should bring a t-shirt and trainers to change into.


English and Maths homework should be given in by Thursday each week.  KS2 children who do not return homework on time must attend our Homework Catch-Up Club, on Thursday lunchtime.

Spellings should be learnt each week for a test on Friday.

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