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Year 5 Learning


Autumn Term

We start the year by studying the topic “Living in Leeds”. As part of this topic we find out what it was like living in Leeds during World War Two and learn about the Black out, rationing and evacuation. We compare life in Leeds then and now, and link this to the study of settlement and map skills. In English we develop skills in persuasive writing, letter writing, poetry, instructions, as well as studying the life and work of author Michael Morpurgo.

In Science we study the Earth, moon and planets, before moving onto the topic of Forces – gravity, air resistance and friction.

Art and Design and Technology are linked to our main topic, but there is also an opportunity to study Andy Warhol, as well as Christmas crafts.

In Maths we will continue to ensure the children know all their times tables. We will also develop understanding of place value in larger numbers, as well as looking at improving mental skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will work with fractions, shapes and position and direction.

Spring Term

The main Spring term topic is called “H2O” and has a Science and Geography base. As part of Geography we find out about rivers from their source to the mouth. This topic will also link to a study of the Amazon river and rainforests. This will allow us to look at variety in rainforest animals and insects and their adaptation to habitat.  In Science we investigate dissolving and separating materials as well as The Water Cycle. We will write newspaper reports, explanations and stories. Artwork will link to this topic with a focus on traditional paintings of landscapes as well as our own landscape improving drawing and painting with perspective.

In Maths we develop skills in all 4 written methods as well as the ability to calculate mentally. There will be a focus on data handling, shape, probability, time, measurement and more fractions.



Summer Term

“What did the Ancient Greeks do for us?” We aim to look at the influence of the Ancient Greek civilization on our lives today. We also study Ancient Greek life, Gods and Goddesses, myths and legends. This is the focus of our English work as we create mythical monsters and write our own myths and fables. We will also write and perform playscripts. There are plenty of opportunities to create artwork; vase designs, pottery and masks.


In Science we focus on living things, as well as changes as humans develop, including the human life cycle.


In Maths we will work with the four rules of number, as well as fractions, geometry, statistics and measurement.


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