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Year 3 Learning

Walk Like an Egyptian


Autumn Term

During the Autumn Term our Year 3 topic is

“Walk like an Egyptian”

By the end of the term the children certainly will be able to imagine how it felt to be an Ancient Egyptian.  The children will find Egypt on a map of the World, identify it’s capital city today and talk about the River Nile.  We will go back in time and explore how society was organised in ancient times, become scribes writing in hieroglyphics and discuss what linked a Pharaoh to the magnificent Pyramids.  After a focus on e-safety the children will use search engines on the internet to learn about beliefs of the afterlife and investigate the different gods and goddesses.  They will become embalmers to investigate the organs in our body with the disgusting job of mummifying Tutankhamun!  During the topic we will complete Ancient Egyptian art activities such as creating a clay cartouche along with practising our basic painting techniques and observational drawings.  Along with improving their fundamental skills in PE the children will enjoy learning how to play hockey.

Spring Term

During the Spring Term our Year 3 topic is

“Water and Weather around the World”

The children will be investigating and identifying weather patterns and climate zones around the world.  They will work in groups to plan and present their own weather forecasts.  The children will identify where all the oceans and seas are in the World in relation to continents and countries.  They will investigate the characteristics of the 5 oceans in terms of temperature, size and depth and discuss how this affects what lives there.  The class will discuss how oceans are used and how they can be harmed.  The children will enjoy learning about what lives under the sea and investigate the many differences between land and sea animals.  During the term the children will design and make soft sea toys and model aquariums.  The children will use the internet safely to produce fact files and learn how to write and debug algorithms.  Along with learning basic fundamental skills in PE the children will be challenged to create under the sea dances.

Water and Weather around the World

under the sea

Summer Term

During the Summer Term our Year 3 topic is

“Were the Vikings Vicious?”

By the end of this topic the children will be empowered to give a detailed answer to this question after all their independent learning.  Their first investigation will be to place the Viking period onto a British History time-line and define the terms ‘invade’ and ‘settle’.  The children will learn about the Viking homeland ‘Scandinavia’, what life was like for a typical Viking farmer and discuss the reasons for travelling to Britain.  They will explore the longboats in which Vikings travelled and enjoy making their own along with learning how to write using the runic alphabet.  The children will find out about the Viking raids on Britain and compare the beliefs of Anglo-Saxon Britain with the very different beliefs of the Vikings.  A highlight of the topic is when the children dress up and become a Viking for the day on an educational visit to the Viking Village at Murton Park, near York.  Along with taking orders from the Lord and Lady of the village the children learn how to guard using model spears and shields, make oil lamps, grind wheat to make bread and farm the land.  The topic concludes with the children learning how the Vikings were defeated by King Alfred and how Britain was changed by Alfred’s rule.

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