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Year 2 Learning

Autumn Term

Julia Donaldson

Our Author this half term is Julia Donaldson. All of our english work is based around her stories. Including The Smartest Giant in Town, What the Ladybird Heard, A Squash and a Squeeze and Tiddler. The children are using the stories as a stimulus to create different genres of writing. We will be writing letters, stories, recounts, instructions and recipes.

Where's Wally?

Our geography topic this half term is Where's Wally. Each week Wally is visiting a new continent and we will be learning about each one. We will be creating factfiles, doing crafts, tasting food and locating the continents on a map of the world.


In Science we are learning about humans and other animals. We are looking at how we keep ourselves healthy, including healthy eating, exercise and hygiene. We will also be investigating the 5 senses and finding out about the functions of out body.

Spring Term


Last half term, Year 2 started by learning all about dinosaurs. We wrote inosaur fact files, inspected footprint and dinosaur eggs and examined dinosaur fossils and we even made a dinosaur skeleton!


Our children are naturally curious about the world they live in. We really enjoyed learning all about space and had a great time on our trip to the Bradford IMAX Museum. 

Famous People

This half term we are looking at a different significant person every week. We have written fact files about Florence Nightingale, created a portrait in the style of Pablo Picasso and completed a timeline of Nelson Mandela's life.

Summer Term


During the Summer term our Science topic will be all about Plants. We will be planting lots of seeds and bulbs and observing them as they grow. We will be going on plant hunts in the local area and about the school grounds.


Our History topic during the Summer term will be focussing on the Olympics. We will be comparing the 2020 Olympics to the Olympics in the 1900s. We will also be looking at some popular athletes.

Secret Agent Tests!

We will also be working extra hard in preparation for our Secret Agent Tests (SATS).

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