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Year 1 Learning

Autumn Term

In the first half term we learned all about ourselves! We named the parts of our bodies and we also had fun exploring the 5 senses by tasting and smelling different foods. In Art, we looked at portraits and created our own self-portraits using different techniques such as pencil drawings and oil pastels! We drew portraits of our friends and family using chalk and paint.

In the second half term our Topic was Castles and Knights! We learned all about different types of castles as well as learning what it would have been like to become a knight! The children made some fantastic castles in the art challenge area using recycled materials and enjoyed writing rules for a knight school! In Science the children learned all about 'Keeping Healthy'. We covered healthy eating, exercise, hygiene and mental health. As part of our food technology lesson the children designed and created a healthy snack! 


Spring Term

This half term we learned about London! The children found where London is on the map as well as learning about the other UK countries and their capital cities. Throughout this Geography Topic we looked at famous landmarks in London as well as learning all about The Royal Family. We linked this Topic to our English lessons by reading and writing about a story called 'Charlie and Lola - We Completely Must Go To London'. In Science the children learned about Materials; we looked at different types of materials focussing on their properties. The children used their knowledge of materials to create a parachute for an egg to see if they could drop it without it cracking!  

We are currently learning about Pirates in Topic - exploring how pirates lived and learning about the famous Captain Blackbeard! We are looking at a number of Pirate stories in English, writing lots of descriptive pieces about the characters and settings. In the final week of this term we are going to have a Pirate Day where all the children (and grown-ups) dress up as pirates and have lots of fun going on treasure hunts and making pirate ships! 

Summer Term

During the Summer term we will be learning all about Toys - past and present. We will be exploring how toys have changed over the years and what new technologies we have today! Our Science lessons will be all about Animals! The children will learn about life cycles, types of animals and nocturnal animals. We will also be fortunate enough to home chicks for 2 weeks during this half term! The eggs will arrive so that the children can watch them hatch and then enjoy looking after the chicks and watching them grow! 

In the last half term, we will be doing a fun topic all about the Seaside! This will involve learning about the differences between the seaside now, and in the past, as well as designing and making our own yummy ice creams! Our final Science topic will be Potions and Reactions! The children will get to take part in lots of fun (and sometimes messy) experiments! 


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